Inspired by being fully immersed in the latest fashion magazines and dreaming of a world where she would be playing a part in creating the images she loved so much, ‘Wonderland’ is a representation of the visual utopia which Idy worshipped.

With the iconic fashion magazine under threat from the age of digital, there is something beautifully nostalgic about poring through the pages of a magazine, losing yourself as you turn in the pages. It’s all consuming in a way that digital will never ever be. The images demanded to studied and devoured, appreciated for their beauty, saved on a bookshelf or coffee table, lovingly placed in a frame, not to be scrolled through and discarded.

Highly editorial and focused around clean, beautiful imagery, ‘Wonderland’ fuses layered fashion structure with subtly stylised hair looks. While infinitely wearable, they are aspirational to the fashion aficionado without being overly tricked up. With a distinct commercial sensibility, they are unashamedly beautiful.

The glossy’s were a kaleidoscope of bright colours and visuals, so black and white shoots always stood out and demanded attention. With less attention on the colours, other elements were invited to take centre stage, so the looks here are strong structurally, while the fashion features an array of contrasting textures.

Attention has been paid to the play of light and shine on the hair to tie all the looks together. The light caught above the top of the sleek waves and along the sides of the head contrasted with the capture of shade on the organically textured looks. Make-up is kept minimal and fresh, allowing the model’s individual beauty the chance to shine.

Collection Credits:

Hair: Idy Duong

Photography: Jarred Stedman

Makeup: Chereine Waddell

Fashion: Lydia-Jane Saunders